Case Study:

Jardine Motors
Audi Incentive

Client: Jardine Motors Audi Incentive Year: 2016


To start 2016 with a bang, Jardine Motors Audi asked for a new kind of incentive – something fresh, new and exciting to get sales teams eager to sell.

The Jardine Motors Audi Premier Incentive was born – it was goodbye to the Banker and hello to modern methods.

With previous incentives requiring Sales Executives to call the Banker on completion of a sale, this task took a different approach, with an automated online system taking care of it all.

Ash and Ritchie of eDenfield took on the project, with Ash designing the entire website from top to bottom and Ritchie taking care of development. A modern, stylish site is what emerged, complete with bold design cues, easy navigation, clearly displayed information and a unique, simple sales registration process; this original idea to register sales online streamlines the entire incentive.

The homepage is brought to life by an Audi R8 in motion and a prominent active countdown clock, a constant reminder that time is ticking away. One essential component of the incentive mechanism is the interactive leaderboard to encourage healthy competition – not only between all Sales Executives, but Centres and Market Areas too. Stocklists can be seen on the site as well, so Sales Executives can check what cars are still available to sell in their efforts to climb the leaderboard.

Each sale submission is verified within the platform by a Sales Manager; verdicts generate an automated email to the Sales Executive. If successful, a personalised Golden Ticket arrives in the individual’s inbox complete with sale information.

Introductory emails to Sales Executives and Managers kick-started the campaign, and teams are now competing to top the leaderboard. At the end of the incentive, Golden Tickets will be collated and entered into a prize draw - a video of this will then be distributed amongst Centres.

More Golden Tickets mean more entries into the prize draw and a higher chance of winning a top prize – these include an iPad Air, HP laptop, a 40” LCD TV and an iWatch.

We’ve bumped off the Banker – what else are we capable of in the world of incentives?