Client: Hendy Year: 2017


2016 was a huge year for the Hendy Group. Following the acquisition of the Lifestyle Motor Group, Hendy required a new corporate identity to reflect their growth and wide-ranging automotive offering.

The acquisition brought new manufacturer dealerships in the form of Renault, Dacia, Subaru, Suzuki, Isuzu and SEAT. It was important for Hendy Group to address their current branding to reflect a more premium offering, something that would complement any and every automotive brand.

Another point that needed addressing was how restrictive the old logo was from a digital perspective, with condensed detail being lost in smaller parameters – this was especially difficult with longer adaptations, such as the Ford Transit Centre logo. As Hendy were going to have to replace all signage at Lifestyle dealerships in the future, it was the ideal time to upgrade and take a new approach.

Denfield’s strategy

The team started by carrying out research to gain some understanding of consumer perception and brand evolution.

Our Hendy accounts team looked at various brand logos and held an online poll to see how the public viewed them from a design perspective. The results ranked how well each logo represented a premium or value business, and which sector voters thought each company belonged to. To gain honest feedback, any association of the company from the logo was removed.

In addition to the logo development, Denfield also proposed a question regarding the Hendy colour palette, asking potential customers what shades they thought represented a premium automotive brand. It was interesting to see that the majority of the survey’s participants opted for the darker versions of the palette.

Style development

Throughout weeks of design and development, a range of logo options were explored. The creative team had the challenge of narrowing this down to four potential branding options – and they all met the calculated criteria.

In order to show that the logo ideas were in line with customer expectations, they were tested using the same method as the original research. Two variants stood out as clear leaders that completely fit the brief.

The team then produced a range of materials using these two carefully crafted logos, including web, tablet and mobile screens, emails, direct mailers and business cards, to see how they would look while in use.

These were presented to Hendy, along with a real-life used car display:

When the rebrand was unveiled to Hendy’s senior management, they were absolutely taken aback. It was also within Denfield’s objective to ensure that the logo evolved rather than being completely redesigned from scratch – evolution, not revolution.

Premium branding for a first-class client

After many months of refinement and creative resource, the logo was finalised. To help launch the rebrand, Denfield – along with senior management from Hendy – undertook a secret mission to completely transform Hendy Ford Winchester in the depths of night, bringing point of sale, stationery and everyday materials in line with the new branding. This provided Denfield with the ideal opportunity to create a video to show Hendy’s rebrand.

The ‘It’s all about you’ slogan that sits at the heart of Hendy is still included in the new Corporate Identity and brand guidelines – and it’s hand-written by Paul Hendy for that personal touch.

The Denfield team is hugely proud of what was achieved for the Hendy Group this year and look forward to many more years in partnership with this forward-thinking business.