Case Study:

Radio Campaign

Client: Arbury Radio Year: 2015


We’ve worked with Arbury for over ten years, and during that time the company has grown dramatically. But while their existing customers know of Arbury’s high quality standards, new customers don’t. We needed to increase external awareness of Arbury’s brand and ethos, and to raise brand perception among new visitors. Seeking to align their advertising with their two key franchises, Peugeot and Nissan, Arbury asked Denfield to re-launch their radio presence for 2015. Radio has always been a key part of Arbury’s strategy; we used this opportunity to shift focus and transform perception of the Arbury brand on the radio.

First, after two successful pitches, we changed stations from a local Midlands station to the national HeartFM network. Heart fit better with Arbury’s target audience, brand alignment (notably the other advertisers on air) and close association with such stars as Olly Murs, Emma Bunton and Rihanna. Their high-profile events with these celebrities made HeartFM an attractive platform for our client.


Over 10

years of working with a multi-award winning client


increase in web traffic


increase in new visitors


Selecting the right station was only the beginning; positioning Arbury correctly was also a matter of presenting advertising campaigns with polish. Arbury’s music bed, More More More, by Andrea True Connection, communicated the right message but needed refreshing to match Arbury’s position and approach. What better way to refresh the message than with a re-recording of the original song? Our resulting track is more modern and a better fit with both the Arbury brand and HeartFM listeners.

To support the radio campaign we also created homepage takeover banners for mirroring Arbury’s January Sale POS marketing material. We tied this in with 10 showroom re-skins with window and roadside posters, totems and vehicle corner flashes featuring a simple but sophisticated design. The theme of getting ‘more more more’ ran throughout the campaign material: more choice, more savings and more for customer part exchanges.