Wednesday, July 12th, 2017
by Kelly Duggan

10 things you didn't know about Denfield

Welcome to Denfield! Our full-service advertising agency in Leamington Spa – right in the heart of the Midlands – is home to a vibrant, creative bunch of people. Collectively, our favourite colour is green and we’re flourishing in 2017; the sun is shining and our award-winning services are in high demand across the UK.

If you’re already a client of ours, you’ve probably got to know many members of the team quite well, but we have collated a list of things that you may not already know about Denfield...

  1. We have more than one Emily, Harry, Matt and Mike in our midst, so make sure you ask for the right one when you call!
  2. We also have a married couple in the agency, and every single member of staff was invited to the wedding – that’s the second Denfield wedding in the agency’s 16-year history. Maybe we should launch a Denfield dating agency?!
  3. Our youngest member of staff is 18 and our oldest is over 50; this same chap is ex-Army, a former Military Training Instructor – can you guess who?
  4. April is the most popular for birthdays, with seven of us celebrating!
  5. The cat vs dog debate is a close one here, but team cat just has the edge – we even have the ‘Denfield cat’, who lives nearby, pops his head in from time to time and likes to sunbathe in the car park.
  6. Our roots are in automotive, but we now have clients in many different industries, including retail, education, manufacturing and sport, and we also have many corporate clients.
  7. Denfield has had three different sites in Leamington over the years, getting bigger each time; our current New Street base has been subject to various upgrades and alterations to keep it well-equipped to feed our creative souls. You’re more than welcome to visit!
  8. Every year, we hold ‘Denfield’s Got Talent’ at our Christmas party, with all new recruits from that calendar year taking part to win the ultimate prize – do you think you could win? We’ve had all sorts of acts performed, from magic and comedy to singing and dancing.
  9. In the past year, we have welcomed an additional 11 staff members – that’s almost one per month! We have grown better, sharper, and are now even more capable of exceeding client requests. What’s your next challenge for our team?
  10. Denfield team members come from near and far, with many living in Leamington – one is literally around the corner! Some live as far west as Worcestershire, and some are located north of Birmingham. Our clients spread out even further, down to the South Coast and all the way up to the Scottish Highlands! Wherever you’re based, we’re in the heart of the country to service your every advertising need.

If there’s anything else you’re dying to know about Denfield, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help!