Monday, March 13, 2017
by Gurj Seehra

A flippin’ fun February Friday Feeling

With a new social committee at the helm comes a new batch of ideas for Friday Feeling, and our most recent one went by the name of Pancake Friday.

I don’t know about you but when I hear the mere mention of pancakes, all my childhood memories come flooding back and I think about how as a small boy, I couldn’t wait to get home from school and scoff down as many pancakes as I could before I was stuffed and had to admit defeat. To find out that the next Friday Feeling was going to be all about pancakes made me feel like a child all over again, and I for one couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Calling out all the pancake-flippers, decorators and makers…let the challenges commence!

We started the day with a challenge of how many times we could flip a pancake in a 15-second timeframe and ‘King Flipper’ Harry G set the benchmark at 29 – Lisa nearly smashed through a glass door with her frying pan in her attempt!

The fun didn’t stop there, with so many creative and colourful pancakes flowing; the margins were fine with the quality of pancake decoration on display, but Natalie came out on top with her ‘bunny from behind’ work of art.

The last challenge proved to be the toughest yet, where we had to find a partner and make the ideal pancake, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds…

My first thought was how on earth are we going to make these pancakes without a hob? But the team pulled out the old portable stove, the utensils and all of the ingredients ready to rock ‘n’ roll and get this show on the road!

And there was a twist…in pairs, we had to link arms, meaning we could only use one hand each. On your marks, get set…GO!

Unfortunately for me, I was stuck with Harry R and my weaker left hand – it was fun but a disastrous effort, as we ended up making a pancake that looked like a deep pan pizza!

Making their pancake from scratch, arm in arm, in a rapid 4:50 was Sam and Paul (although it did look a little eggy…). The triumphant two took home pancake-themed tea towels as prizes! Runners-up – Debbie and Kelly – cooked a ‘proper’ pancake in five minutes flat. Harry G and Ash barely cooked theirs in an effort to save time, with their ‘pancake’ resembling a liquid omelette…surprisingly, they didn’t make it into the top three.

Can the winners defend their titles on Pancake Friday 2018? We shall have to wait and see! Well done to all who took part, especially those who took home a prize.