Wednesday, September 13, 2017
by Denfield

Apostrophes - what’s the point?

It might not seem very glamorous, but one of the most important jobs in an advertising agency is proofreading; that’s because error-free text is vital to advertising, and one false step could lead to distrust of your brand in a heartbeat, especially in today’s age of social media – you don’t want to go viral for all the wrong reasons. That’s why the proofreaders at Denfield take such care to check every last detail multiple times before anything goes online or to print.

When it comes to the wide world of grammar dos and don’ts, apostrophes are where the majority of people find themselves tripping up. It can happen to the best of us, but with a few simple rules, it’s easy to get the hang of them – take a look at our tips below to help you avoid an embarrassing mistake that could cause lasting damage to your brand:

  1. Possession: When you’re talking about something that belongs to something else within a sentence, the apostrophe goes before the 's': e.g. 'The dog's bowl is blue.' To help you remember this rule, always ask yourself: 'Who does it belong to?'
  2. Contractions: Apostrophes also work to show where two words have been contracted, such as 'can't' or 'don’t'. This is why 'it's' is where most people make a mistake – contrary to the above rule, 'it's' is used to represent a contraction of the words 'it is', while 'its' is used to imply possession. Confused yet?
  3. Plurals: This one is a simple rule to follow; apostrophes are NEVER used for plurals!

As long as you keep these rules in mind, you should be able to use apostrophes in your own advertising without fear – meanwhile, why not use your new grammar skills to appreciate the hilariously ironic example above of how not to use an apostrophe?