Thursday, November 2, 2017
by Kayleigh McFarlane

As dead as a dodo – what digital marketing trends should we leave in 2017?

As time goes on, the way we operate is constantly evolving and we are gradually becoming more and more reliant on technology – don’t deny it, it’s something we are all guilty of in one way or another! Whether your smartphone has become an integral part of your life or you’ve just bought a slightly more sophisticated microwave, technological advancements are everywhere.

These changes can also be seen in the way that marketing to consumers has altered over time. Gone are the days where a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will benefit your organisation; it is now essential to target individuals as closely as we can to ensure they actually want to see the advertisement that appears in front of them.

Here are some of the top digital marketing trends that need to be left in 2017 to ensure you are keeping up with the demanding needs of your customers:

Use of purely static content

Creating blogs, infographics, case studies and white papers is great, but it’s not the only element that is going to help you get noticed. Although all of these will assist you with your Google search rankings, they most likely won’t help you increase the level of interaction from either your existing or potential customers.

If you are looking for a way to increase the amount of interaction your content initiates, it could be worth shifting your attention towards more engaging content, such as: information calculators, interactive assessments and quizzes. These are all ways to keep people clicking, pressing, swiping and sharing your information.

Keyword–stuffed content

Just like consumers, Google has got smarter! If you are still trying to cram as many keywords as you can into a web page, this is now more likely to have a detrimental impact rather than bringing you the benefits you’d hoped for.

Yes, keywords are still essential for getting you found on Google, but you also need to be aware that the algorithms that select the search results are looking for quality content based on the user’s experience, meaning it takes into account bounce rates and the time a user spends on the page – unnatural copy that’s fit to burst with forced-in keywords could actually rank lower than a page without keywords! We advise that you stick to a few core keywords that are repeated just two or three times throughout the copy, slotted in naturally – this should help you see the best results.

Generic email blasts

It is very likely that your customers will fit into a number of different profiles, their ages will vary and their tastes may change, which leads us to one of the main reasons that sending out a generic email blast should stay in 2017 – it doesn’t effectively target your customers!

Yes, you may get a few conversions sending this out, but if you think about the proportion of people that you could potentially alienate with this content each time you send out one email, these people will unsubscribe over time and you could even lose their custom all together.

Personalisation of the emails you send is crucial to keeping your customers loyal to your brand. Showing them that you know what they are actually interested in helps to build up long-term relationships, where customers will choose to come back to you to purchase your product or service instead of your competitors’.

The lack of a plan

Last but most certainly not least is the lack of planning around your content. This isn’t so much a trend but a way of thinking, and to ensure you are making the most of all of your content, a strategy is something that you need to prioritise!

Know who your customers are, the information they want to see and the information that will keep them engaged – this is crucial for sustaining brand awareness along with increasing engagement over time.

We understand how important your content is to your brand and at Denfield, we can help you to create the best content needed to increase your brand’s position in the market; if you would like to find out more, get in touch with us today.