Wednesday, January 25, 2017
by Lynda Roberts

Behind the scenes in an advertising agency

Have you ever wanted to take a sneak peek behind the scenes in a full-service marketing agency and find out if it’s the right career for you? Well, take a journey with none other than our studio manager, Lynda, to find out about our in-house roles and rules...

Day-to-day at Denfield

Welcome to Denfield! No two days here are the same. We have a wide mix of clients here and create various pieces of print and digital marketing material – that’s anything from tiny press ads, flyers and 100+ page catalogues to emails, POS and websites. We even plan events and exhibition stands! But how do we get these planned, produced, printed, posted and published?

Processes! Everyone here knows I’m a stickler for following a process. Over the years as the agency has grown and the variety and volume of work has increased, we’ve developed processes to meet the demands of the work – at its core, the journey of a job through the agency remains the same, and here’s what happens!

  1. The accounts team take a brief from the client.
  2. They write a brief for the studio with all the info and any additional insight they may have.
  3. The brief comes into the studio where it goes into our tray system if it’s a small job or is booked in for creative thought and design time.
  4. The studio team work their magic!
  5. The copy/proofing team take a look to spot any issues and write any copy as needed.
  6. Following studio approval, the job is given back to accounts who check it again before it’s returned to the client.

The client is given the opportunity to request any tweaks, or approve the job to its next stage – this could be sending it to print, to press, for manufacturer approval or to the eDenfield team for coding. Before a job is classed as complete by the studio, it will go through a final set of checks to make sure things are print or production-ready.

Who does what?

  • Accounts - liaise with clients on a day-to-day basis, take briefs and communicate any client requests, then feed back to the studio.
  • Studio - a varied team of creatives, designers, proofreaders, copywriters, coders and digital designers.
  • Finance - does what it says on the tin, looking after all the invoices, billing etc.
  • Management - helping the whole agency run smoothly, we have a management team that get involved in every aspect of the agency.

Where are we?

When I joined in 2007, Denfield was based in Trinity House Stables on Trinity Street in Leamington Spa – not your typical office space. Our move to New Street in 2013 was to a much-needed bigger premises, and again, not your usual office space. Our current premises is an old school building, with lovely high ceilings, and it’s only a five-minute walk to the beautiful Jephson Gardens – we really couldn't be better placed.

The latest addition of the ‘Den’ has given us a separate kitchen (us creative types mostly run on caffeine), lunch room and occasional meeting space. What seemed like a huge office space when we moved in has definitely filled up in the three years we’ve been here – who knows what’s next?!

The fun stuff

It’s not all work, work, work here, there is a great social side to Denfield as well – on a Friday evening (okay, sometimes the odd weekday too) you’ll always find a few of the team propping up the bar in the local for a catch up.

We also have #FridayFeeling where on the last Friday of every month, the social team organises a treat for everyone at Denfield. This has been a variety of things – a close-up magician, coffee and cake van, waiter service for the day, caricaturist, Denfield Olympics, back to school, party in the car park, and the very popular ice cream van, to name a few! Signing up to be part of the SocialDen is a great way for team members to mix; we switch the team up every six months or so, so there’s always fresh ideas for new activities and a chance for newbies to get involved.

At Denfield it seems we’re always busy, the work is fast-paced, there’s always something to get stuck into. There is a real feeling of teamwork and camaraderie here and we try to have fun along the way! Does that sound like your cup of tea? If so, take a look at our careers page and get in touch!