Monday, November 17, 2014
by Charlotte Steel

Being a client's customer is one big adventure

Monday, November 17, 2014

My career is a marriage of two of my strongest passions: marketing and automotive. I feel incredibly lucky to be working within a marketing agency and representing an iconic and heritage automotive client.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to choose my company car from the client, and as a raging petrol head I took great care in comparing my different options.

Like most people, I spent weeks comparing specifications, Co2 emissions, company car tax costs and the entertainment system.

I ordered an all-new Mazda3 2.2 SportNav Diesel in Soul Red. I’m pleased to say that after 8 months behind the wheel I still feel a great sense of excitement whenever I sit in the driver’s seat.

Every car deserves to be put to the test and in May this year I booked a roadtrip holiday to Bruges and Amsterdam to see what the car could really do.

My ethic is that I can’t represent a car brand to promote to our client’s customers and prospects and encourage them to invest in the product if I haven’t had first-hand experience. I want to make sure that the creative work of our agency is a token of my passion and empathy towards the car and customers instead of being based on assumption.

I invited 3 of my friends to join me for the May Bank Holiday weekend to share the experience of the new Mazda3 with me and enjoy the scenery during our trip.

Throughout the 4 day holiday, we travelled 950 miles and were in the car for a total of 24 hours and 20 minutes. We were all pleased to say that the ride was incredibly comfortable and we all enjoyed the music that blasted through the Bose speakers. A huge positive benefit that I wouldn’t like to dismiss is that our fuel bill was only £102 for the entire trip, giving a true testimony to the car’s performance and efficiency factors that Mazda boast of.

We kept in close contact with Mazda UK and the Hendy Group via Twitter, which encouraged a lot of exposure for the car and our roadtrip. With the power of social media, we had quite a few people contact us while we were in Amsterdam asking us about the car off the back of the engagements from the @Mazda_UK account.

For the benefit of our client and my own personal adventure journal, I wrote a blog throughout the holiday to keep a record of all of the miles travelled, costs that were incurred and sites that we enjoyed. When I came home and presented the blog to our client they said that it was a perfect customer testimonial for the car and they decided to have it printed to use as a customer facing asset. Read my story here.