Wednesday, October 18, 2017
by Denfield

Data nation – the impact of data on marketing

It should come as no surprise that data plays a massive part in marketing, both online and offline. When we are talking about data relating to offline marketing, we could be talking about consumer feedback, for example, which is essential to helping shape further marketing materials.

However, the big player in data-driven marketing is online. No matter where you look, data is flying around. Whether you are looking at the open rate of an email to the amount of people that interact with you on social media, data is something that cannot, and should not, be avoided.

Did you know that around 87% of marketers consider data to be their organisation’s most under-utilised asset? When you think about it, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. With what seems to be a cookie on nearly every web page we visit these days – and by cookie we mean the technological kind, not the edible kind unfortunately – the amount of data that’s held on each and every single one of us is immense.

Just think about it – when was the last time you were shopping around on the internet for something, then the product you viewed appeared as an advert on social media or another website you visited? This is a form of retargeting that comes from the use of cookies, known as site retargeting, where an advert is displayed for the product you viewed on different sites within the retargeting network, which to put it simply is a list of websites that allow advertising.

This amount of data is an essential element for marketers to focus on customers with content that they want to see. Ensuring that people are able to see adverts that are targeted towards the products that they are interested in, rather than just any old item, helps to greatly influence their decision to buy. Remember, it takes around six times of someone seeing a brand for them to interact and then purchase.

Our Head of Insights and Data Intelligence, James Booth, says: “To stand out in today’s marketplace you have to take a deep dive into your customer’s preferences and purchasing journey to personalise the experience around their unique needs. A recent statistic says that 55% of customers would be willing to pay more for a better customer experience. So, with more competition and less loyalty towards brands, it’s crucial that each communication with your customers is relevant and engaging.”

As well as allowing you to provide the right content for the right people, data can also help you develop. Being able to see that amount of people interacting with a campaign will show you whether your efforts are paying off or not – if they are…great! This gives you the building blocks for your next successful campaign; on the other hand, if they aren’t as high as you would like, then this allows you to develop your campaign and make it more impactful in the future. Imagine if you weren’t able to see this data – you would never be able to truly see if your campaign was as successful as you’d hoped.

At Denfield, we understand data! From social media campaigns to pay-per-click advertising, we have your data covered, taking the stress away from you and ensuring that you are making the most out of every piece of data you have access to. Get in touch today to see how we can support your next campaign.