Wednesday, January 11, 2017
by Sam Eldred

A Denfield December to remember

'Twas the season to be jolly in December 2016, and with the work day ending at lunchtime on Friday 23rd, it could only be for one reason… the Denfield Christmas Party. With all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, we all made our way to the Town House pub in Leamington Spa for an afternoon of festive fun and feasting. For many, this would be their inaugural Christmas do at Denfield, making their participation in our very own talent show obligatory. Presenting: Denfield’s Got Talent.

The bar was open and the drinks were flowing – most of us were celebrating the start of the Christmas break, but the recent recruits were taking the chance to build some much-needed Dutch courage before they had to go on stage. And for our Social Media Apprentice Harvey, it was his big moment to try his first ever G&T.

The afternoon kicked off with an overview of 2016 and a forecast for 2017, and the future’s looking bright. As a close-knit group, it’s satisfying to relive all the great things we’ve accomplished and overcome together this year as a team, as well as taking the chance to acknowledge some well-deserved individual achievements with the presenting of the prestigious Smith, Baumfield and Barlow awards. Oh, and there was a treasure hunt!

Then came the talents. It was going to be tough to top Kelly's Pavarotti impersonation, my failed magic card trick of 2015 (more of a comedy sketch) and the brief stand-up act by Hari ‘The Rath’ from last year but the bar was definitely raised. Jagdeep bamboozled the audience with his David Blaine-esque magic card trick and Lucy ripped up the stage as her Bart Simpson alter ego with an insane rap routine. There were also some entertaining duo acts, with Jason hypnotising Nathan to do what we all thought was impossible, clucking around like a chicken and Dan G’s flawless drum session that Dave Grohl himself would have been impressed with, as Gurj banged on a baking tin with a wooden spatula he had acquired from the kitchen moments before. However, the stage truly belonged to one man that night, Account Executive Lee Collyer, whose unique dance routine would have put Louie Spence to shame, as he got the entire room into the Christmas spirit. Watch it for yourself below…

So the Denfield 2016 Christmas Party was a success! But is that really a surprise? Not when you take a look at the fantastic team we’ve been building over the past year or two, full of creative, enthusiastic individuals – it most certainly spells out a promising 2017 and beyond and we look forward to you being a part of it.