Thursday, 6th April 2017
by Denfield

Do you believe in magic?

At Denfield, we love to keep up-to-date with other creative industries, and last month’s Friday Feeling presented the perfect opportunity – what better way to get creative than with a visit from the Birmingham-based magician, iNFiNiTi? Exploring other forms of creative work keeps us learning as an agency, as well as giving us the fresh ideas that keep us ahead of the curve.

Starting in accounts, iNFiNiTi left everyone stunned as he correctly read Lisa’s mind. First, she found a random article on Wikipedia, then chose a random word within it. Focusing on that word, Lisa merely had to lock eyes with the magician and he was able to guess the word she’d chosen!

As if that wasn’t enough, he then asked her to choose a card from his deck, memorise it, and place it back anywhere she chose. Then, to some confusion, he put the cards away and drew out a cigarette. After a few protests about office policy, he lit up, and we watched the cigarette burn away to reveal the card Lisa had chosen! It’s safe to say, we were all thoroughly impressed.

Moving into the studio, it was clear that iNFiNiTi still had plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and he continued to impress us with his fiery flare; proofreader Justine was asked to choose a card from his deck, and write the name of a loved one on it (she chose her cat, Tatty Flapjack). The card was then replaced and the deck tucked back into his jacket. No one expected him to take his wallet out next, and the confusion only increased when he took out a train ticket and held it up for us. Taking out a lighter, and asking Justine to concentrate on the name she’d written down, he held the flame behind the ticket – to many surprised gasps, the name Tatty appeared on the ticket, exactly how Justine had written it!

Our magic-filled afternoon was definitely the ideal way to begin the weekend – from bending coins to an endless number of impressive card tricks, this fresh creativity was just what everyone needed to get the inspiration flowing ready for spring, even though iNFiNiTi seemed to have forgotten his white rabbit! And come to think of it, did anyone see him leave?