Friday, May 5, 2017
by Kelly Duggan

In April, Friday Feeling got a bit wild...

To end April with a bang, we had a visit from the Animal Man, who describes himself as an ‘educational mobile petting zoo’. Arriving in style in a colourful van, the Animal Man took over the car park and set up shop, popping up his gazebo and laying out his reptiles and creepy crawlies for all to see (and touch!).

There was a great selection of creatures, including Meldrew the
10-year-old tortoise and Dave the excitable raccoon dog (who interestingly isn’t actually a raccoon or a dog…), who both stole hearts with their cheeky character and amusing antics. Meldrew went off exploring – slowly but surely – trying to break into the agency through the front door, and as Dave was partial to the odd nip and nibble, most of the Denfield team steered clear to make sure they kept their clothes intact!

Other stars of the Animal Man’s show were two fearless snakes, three very endearing geckos, a chilled out bearded dragon, a small and friendly tarantula, about 20 clingy cockroaches to make our skin crawl and an intelligent owl with piercing orange eyes.

It was an informative and hands-on experience, with everyone encouraged to get stuck in and interact with the animals – some conquered their fears and dived straight in, whereas others were a little apprehensive, especially of the cockroaches and Rose the tarantula! With only enough venom in her little body to kill a small mouse, there really was nothing to worry about – honestly.

Bringing the sounds and sights of wildlife to the office was a great idea, enjoyed by each and every person in the agency. Have you ever held a tarantula at work or casually worn a snake around your neck instead of a tie? If the answer’s no, maybe it’s time that you gave the Animal Man a call or checked out our career opportunities at Denfield to join a team that gets to do really cool things all the time.