Tuesday, September 27, 2016
by Harvey Turner

Denfield Olympics

On my second day on the job at Denfield as a Social Media Apprentice, I was thrown right in at the deep end; I had already identified the agency’s animated and enthusiastic vibe, but I was not prepared for ‘Friday Feeling’ on the last Friday of the month - August’s event was the ‘Denfield Olympics’.

We were split into teams and asked to dress appropriately in team colours: countries represented on the day were Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, Germany, Jamaica and Brazil. As a member of team USA alongside Jason, Kelly and Sam, a McDonald’s breakfast was the only ‘appropriate’ way to start the day.

We aced the wheelbarrow race and got team USA off to a flying start by chalking a maximum three points on the board. Next up was the long jump – adapted for the Denfield car park – with competitors jumping as far as possible from a standing start with their feet together. Stood on the sidelines were numerous supporters, flying their nations’ flags and cheering their competitors on. It seemed to do the trick for us and Sam added three more points to team USA’s tally, boosting our self-belief.

Throughout the day, teams from across the world turned up in force to battle it out in various competitions. The unconventional cycle race saw teams placing orders with Deliveroo – and the team whose order arrived first won, with Jamaica’s dough balls arriving first. The classic egg and spoon race and shotput (with paper balls) made it into the mix, along with a press-up challenge and the javelin (with paper aeroplanes).

There were highs and there were lows, notably in the egg catch competition where Mark disrupted Sam’s catch from Kelly and team USA was unfairly disqualified. Karma was on our side though, with Mark losing control in the final stages of the sack race and gold instead being claimed by us!

The final event was the toughest of all, the long-distance run. By this point, with double points being awarded, Kazakhstan was the only team able to pip USA to first place. And it fell on my shoulders to deliver. Five runners took on the challenge of a race measuring just more than a mile - Harry G absolutely aced the race, I came second and Nathan closely followed in third. Mike just missed out on a podium place, but Harry R was nowhere to be seen – it turned out that he had strolled the distance, seeing it as the perfect chance to catch some Pokémon!

So there you have it, my second day at Denfield and I’m already an Olympic Gold Medallist. In the end, team USA dominated the day, taking 22 points from 10 events, with Kazakhstan finishing second with 14 points and Russia clinching the bronze medal.

The ‘Denfield Olympics’ was really fun, thanks to fantastic planning from the Social Den, with events dotted throughout the working day.

Watch the highlights in the video in the top left corner – you’re in for a treat.