Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
by Denfield

How becoming a better listener can help you to stay creative

It sounds obvious, but it’s something that many creatives overlook in their pursuit to come up with the next game-changer: listening to your client. Often, designers, copywriters and creative professionals in general begin to believe they know better than the client simply because they know more about the creative side of things – but the one thing they can’t know is exactly what the client wants for their business, especially if they don’t listen to them.

When our clients come to us with their ideas, it’s up to us to figure out how to make them work, even when it seems like there’s nothing new to say. So how do you find the perfect balance between what your client wants and what will blow them away? At Denfield, we’re experienced thinkers who love to solve exactly this kind of problem, so here are three methods that we use to help us get our thinking caps on:

1. Never stop asking questions

If you want to change the game, you have to challenge it first – even simply asking yourself why you’re doing something the way you’re doing it can be enough to make you think about new ways you could be approaching a task.

2. Redefine and rethink

A good way to shake things up a bit is to rephrase your brief so you can approach it from another angle. Take one or two words and replace them with alternatives; has it changed the way you’re thinking about the brief? Keep challenging yourself to come up with new perspectives, and you’ll soon find one that’s fresh and interesting!

3. Think big

What’s the biggest thing you hope to achieve with your project? And what small steps could you take to get it there? Thinking big is the key to achieving big things, but you can’t forget the small stuff along the way – it all adds up to create success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a project for a client or trying to launch your own business, these techniques are quick and simple ways to help you gain some perspective and come at your work from a new angle, so why not try them and see where they take you? And if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to find the next big idea,
we’d love to hear from you!