Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
by Andy Hawthorne

How diversity is a key factor for our web development team

We have a strong and versatile development team here at Denfield, able to tackle a wide variety of projects – and there's always more than one of them at any one time.

Right now, we are expertly managing large, multi-tenanted web applications – for our clients in retail – through to smaller projects, for companies in the energy sector. Not only that, but we also have ongoing in-house projects such as CORE Reporting.

We tend to work on one main project as well as supporting other ongoing projects between us. And that's before lunchtime. Each day, our team works together to plan project iterations for that day, so that more than one of Denfield's clients will see daily progress on their project.

Coding is not the only thing we do. We also run many servers on behalf of Denfield's clients, so server administration plays its part in our daily workload too.

We could be: 

  • Creating automated server tasks
  • Renewing SSL certificates
  • Building and configuring a new web server
  • Running maintenance updates

The phrase ‘full stack developer’ gets used a lot these days. Well, here at Denfield, we do cover the full stack. We build websites that conform to the latest standards but still look great. We build web applications that are intelligent and ground-breaking in their approach. And we are always looking to find better ways to do things.

It means that for part of our day, we could be coding a job queue to automate part of a web application, for example. And in the afternoon, we might then be coding a responsive front-end on a different project. 

The fact that our daily workload is diverse doesn't mean it's not well-planned. We like the fact that because we are a small team, we all get involved in the planning process. We also get to meet our clients to discuss their requirements face-to-face.

Our roles are varied because we also work with the hardware in our office. It could be reformatting a Mac or PC, or setting up networking or some other IT maintenance task. It all helps to keep Denfield driving forward to achieve great results for our clients.

We are proud to be able to say that at Denfield, one working day is never the same as the next. We work hard to maximise efficiency and build the best web solutions for our clients – if you'd like to see how we can help you with your next web project, get in touch.