Wednesday, April 4, 2018
by Kayleigh McFarlane

Is streaming changing the way we approach advertising on the radio?

Whether it be at work, when we're cleaning the house or driving the car, music has become a function of everyday life that many of us cannot live without.

The constant need for and love of music has led to the development of many music streaming sites that offer a range of different genres to suit all musical tastes. From Spotify and Apple Music to SoundCloud, there’s something for everyone with a range of monthly prices.

But with the rise of streaming, where does that leave traditional radio in the mix? With many of us turning to these sites to listen to our top music tracks, is it leaving radio behind? If you’re looking to target a cohort of millennials over the airwaves then you’d probably be better off changing to a different form of advertising – for example, social media – but radio still plays an important role.

When delving into local advertising, radio is a strong contender when it comes to marketing. It allows you to get your voice heard by the people who are most likely to visit your business, therefore showing them that you’re a real organisation that can be trusted. Let’s face it, if you hear a catchy jingle, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, it will get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing it to yourself for hours – even days!

Just as we’ve seen a surge in the amount of music we’re streaming, we’re now starting to see digital audio advertising coming into play. Take DAX, a product that can help you to advertise on both digital radio stations, such as Capital XTRA, and streaming sites, like SoundCloud. They’re taking sound to new heights with creative ways of recording, such as 3D audio, giving adverts more depth and appeal. Taking hold of the online movement allows companies to continue their advertising activities where their ideal customers will be.

Although times are changing, radio is still an effective way to advertise your business. If you combine this with a number of other marketing functions, from social media to Google AdWords, you’ll be able to effectively increase awareness of your brand to attract new customers.

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