Wednesday, March 7, 2018
by Katie Birditt

Make sure you have a marvellous Mother’s Day!

On Sunday 11th March 2018, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day here in the UK – but is this just an opportunity for brands to sell flowers, chocolates and overpriced set menus? Well, it’s no secret that Mother’s Day is a hugely important date in the retail calendar; in fact, it’s estimated that us Brits spend around £1.4 billion1 on gifts for Mother’s Day!

While flowers, chocolates and meals out are massively profitable in the Mother’s Day market, the sale of thoughtful, personalised items are undoubtedly on the rise. This move illustrates a shift in consumer habits from impulsive purchasing to more considered present buying. Websites like ‘Not on the High Street’ and ‘Dorothy & Theodore’ are inundated with requests for personalised illustrations of the family, the pet cat, initial bracelets and ‘Super Mum’ mugs at this time of year.

For occasions such as Mother’s Day, our buying decisions are based more on feelings as opposed to rational thought and therefore, a successful campaign should be engaging and evoke an emotional response. During this period, brands overload us with sentimental storytelling, so there are several things you should consider when creating your campaign to help you stand out from the crowd, including these three insightful nuggets of information:

  • Retailers start promoting their Mother’s Day campaigns as early as 15th February, so you have to be quick. Hot off the heels of Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the mothers in our lives – but don’t hang around, as Easter is just around the corner!
  • What are you selling? ‘Mum eats free’ or ‘Free refills for Mum’? Offering ‘something’ will put you ahead of the game, as people love to feel like they are getting a good deal!
  • Alternatively, why don’t you combine your products and create a gift guide? Your own one-stop shop for all things Mother’s Day! According to BingAds, more than half of Mother’s Day searches are made on mobile devices, and these searches increase up to four times in the 48 hours leading up to Mother’s Day, so make sure you offer last-minute delivery!

The cynics amongst us may see Mother’s Day as just another over-commercialised occasion but as a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter and a mum, Mother’s Day does offer the ideal excuse to show how much I appreciate some of the people I love and admire most of all. And the best presents are always the more thoughtful gifts – who wouldn’t want an apron emblazoned with ‘BEST MUM IN THE WORLD’? After all, as most mums would tell you, being a mum is both the hardest and most rewarding job there is – and well, we wouldn’t be here without our mums, would we?!

So, whether you are taking a little time out to say thank you, reflecting or making some time to remember, the entire Denfield team hopes you have a happy Mothering Sunday!

Finally, if my toddler is wondering what to get me, I’d love a good night’s sleep!

1Coresight Research