Thursday, January 05, 2017
by Guy Barlow

Making history with Myton Hospice

2016 was another whirlwind of a year at Denfield, with new clients, new colleagues and even more money raised for our local charity, Myton Hospice. It always amazes me how the team manages to come up with new ways to raise cash for such an amazing and deserving organisation. We have ‘dashed’ dressed as Santa, embraced a spooky Halloween with a wicked window display and of course we’ve baked/eaten to excess, all in the spirit of raising money.

We need to keep coming up with new ideas as unfortunately the need to raise money will never end, with new families each and every day becoming dependent on the services offered by Myton. This year one of our first ever clients – Arbury – also joined forces with Myton, adding another powerhouse to Team Myton and their fundraising quest.

Generating ideas for charity fundraisers or for solutions to client problems, that’s what Denfield is all about. We brainstorm verbally, by email, in meetings and in the Town House pub (after work on a Friday) – we never stop thinking about the next big idea. As a full service creative agency, it’s what’s expected from us, so aiming to surpass all expectations is what keeps us motivated to go even further, bigger and better than last time, week or year!

That leads me on to 2017, which will no doubt be another very exciting year in support of Myton and all of the good things they do for Leamington, Warwick and Midlands-based families.