Wed, February 03, 2016
by Denfield

8 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

  1. Virtual Reality - No longer are we content with 3D, we now want complete 4D virtual realism. Video games are set to get first entry into the mass market, with a highly anticipated and soon to launch virtual reality headset display which lets users enter into a virtual world where they can battle monsters, play golf and much more, as if they were really there. Alongside video games, online advertising will be branching into the virtual reality sector with media that connects popular social media platforms, video channels and even direct messaging.
  2. Wearable Technology - The launch of the Fitbit and Apple Watch marked the unofficial beginning of the wearable technology revolution. In the four years between 2015 and 2019, the wearable technology sector is expected to grow by 35%, with rival companies launching similar products and devising innovative new creations.
  3. Emoji Analytics - It seems as though communicating through emojis is becoming the norm. A recent study found that in some countries the amount of Instagram posts with emojis now exceeds those without.

    The perfect accompaniment to pictures, photographs, and the #hashtag, emojis are a simple and effective way of communicating sentiment without the use of words. As a result, we are sure to see more brands incorporating emojis into their marketing campaigns and analytics in 2016.
  4. Digital is integral - Digital is no-longer a buzzword; it’s become integrated into the mainstream of everyday life. Where the world is already a digital haven, Gartner’s Sorofman says marketing in 2016 should be ‘less about digital marketing’ and more ‘about marketing in the digital world where digital is the default’.
  5. Social media rules, OK - In 2015, nearly ten times the number of adults used social media than in 2005 – perhaps this is because the teens of 2005 have turned into the adults of 2015; however, with 65% of adults using social media last year alone, it’s a highly profitable way to reach way more than half of the population. Facebook alone has one billion users and Instagram has 400 million users.

    Visually-led content is leading the way for marketing activity; Instagram is slowly overtaking the likes of Twitter in terms of number of users and lucrative marketing activity, and are now offering companies carousel ads to attract potential customers.

    Snapchat is fast becoming the social media of choice for the ‘selfie’ generation, with many younger users loving its fleeting nature. Targeting potential for advertisers here is huge, and Snapchat bosses have already started to cash in with ad spots.

    With new social media platforms and apps being released all the time, advertisers will have to keep their fingers on the pulse in order to fully utilise marketing potential.
  6. Mobile is King - As advertising gets further streamlined and personalised, mobile is becoming more important all the time. Mobile advertising allows marketers to target specific audiences and therefore grow them quickly. Companies are taking much more notice of the mobile user experience and how this can add value to their business. Mobile app install ads have become an important component for this.

    Denfield is proud to be ahead of the game in mobile innovation, having won the award for Mobile Optimised/Responsive Website at the Marketing on Mobile Awards for our work on the Hendy Ford Privilege website.
  7. Online video is the (imminent) future - A recent study* has revealed that by the year 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will consist of video views.

    Recent statistics indicate that in 2015, desktop video views grew by 34%, tablet video views grew by 48%, and mobile video views grew by 55%.

    “Shoppable” video advertising is also becoming more popular, which gives viewers the ability to turn into consumers in an instant.
  8. Listicle posts are here to stay - Catering to people who do not have the time or inclination to read longer posts, listicles are going from strength to strength due to the highly digestible and easy to read nature. Listicles are also great ‘jumping off’ points and often provide links to larger articles of interest; they are also opinion-neutral and therefore do not offend.

*Click to view video

So there you have it, our list of the marketing trends to keep an eye out for this year – what are your thoughts? Get in touch and let us know.