Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
by Harvey Turner

Mexican madness to see off the summer in style

A year on from my first ever Friday Feeling, I was given the pleasure of planning take two of the very much anticipated Denfield ‘Party in the Car Park’ as a big fat summer Friday Feeling! As part of the Social Den team, I hoped that this year’s Mexican theme was going to be a huge hit...

...and a hit it was! With the mobile bar from the Snitterfield Arms stocked, gazebo erected (to protect us with the likely arrival of inclement weather) and Hillbilly’s Grill Shack primed and ready with the BEST tacos around, the party kicked off at a cool 5pm (giving us lucky bunch an early finish!). Armed with sombreros, ponchos, fake moustaches and bottles of Corona, the party was flowing nicely and everyone was enjoying themselves!

It wasn’t just the food and drink that made the party a hit however, as an array of games helped to create a pretty excitable atmosphere, if not creating some light-hearted rivalry! The newbie Harry W and I had a competition to see who could down their drink the fastest (N.B. we all like a pint but we do completely discourage alcoholism here at Denfield…), the chilli-eating competition proved a fiery challenge to those who dared to take part and the tin-can alley with a nerf gun twist was great fun, even if we were all shown up by party crasher three-year-old Mason!

All said and done, the Denfield’s Party in the Car Park proved to be a great opportunity for friendships to blossom and to relax after a busy month of hard work in the agency! All good things must come to end, and 9pm rolled around before we knew it. And with that, the Denfield team slipped off into the night, all in high spirits, knowing that there was a lot to chat about and look forward to at work on Monday.

Be sure to check out the photos of the fun, and I wish the best of luck to next year’s SocialDen who have the huge task of making sure that next year’s Party in the Car Park reaches the heights of this one! Enjoy...