Friday, November 28, 2014
by Harveel Heer

My Denfield Journey – Studio to Accounts.

Friday, November 28, 2014

It all started in 2008, when I took my first steps into Denfield as a web administrator and became the first member of the eDenfield team. My primary role was to maintain our clients’ websites, updating them with new offers, the latest news items and doing general house-keeping using CMS tools like, Sitecore, NetDirector and Vicinity to name a few. I also spent time creating artwork for static banners and flash banners. At the time, Denfield was just embarking on its digital journey and my work was the start of building a dedicated team that focused primarily on online content management, web builds, email marketing, SEO and animation.

It wasn’t long before one became seven, in which time I had brushed up on my HTML skills and was coding marketing emails with my colleague Ashley Curtlin. Some days consisted purely of email creations. Email marketing has grown rapidly since I began working in marketing, and is still developing - emails are now responsive for smart phone users, for example – a topic that requires a dedicated blog post just for this.

eDenfield is an extension of the studio team. The department works closely with the graphic designers, as it’s their creations that make way to eDenfield to be digitised. This is true for any project, whether it be an email that needs to be converted to HTML format before sending out, artwork to be uploaded as banners to a client website or a website that needs to be built from flat designs. This partnership between the two teams means I have a good working knowledge across the range of Adobe software used by designers and developers.

Having spent just over 6 years being part of the studio and gaining expertise from the designers and web developers, I decided to challenge myself further and accepted a role as an Account Manager in August this year. It has been nearly 4 months, though it feels like it was only yesterday I was moving desks – that is how quick time goes in accounts. The new role meant leaving my studio colleagues and my iMAC (a sensitive subject) and moving to the other side of the ‘glass’ (our office space is divided by a big glass wall) to join another lovely bunch of talented co-workers.

Moving into a new position in the business is a challenge, but what worthwhile job isn’t?

The experience I have gained in the studio and my background in digital taught me useful skills and has enabled me to move smoothly from one team to another.

Some of the benefits I’ve found:

  • I already have a strong working relationship with everyone in the studio. I know how best to approach them and when is a good time to ask for favours!
  • Knowing the studio work process and what they require from me as an Account Manager helps me to ensure the creative brief in hand is fulfilled to the best of our ability.
  • An understanding of file formats and resolutions required for different jobs plus the jargon printers use to define print spec - this helps me to write effective briefs, as I know what jobs entail in the studio.
  • I can advise my clients of what is and isn’t possible at the early stages of a project and suggest alternative solutions if they are required.

These are just some of the advantages I’ve discovered in my first few months, but I’m sure as I learn more and become more immersed in my role I’ll find other advantages to having experience on both sides of the agency.

I am pleased to say I work with highly skilled individuals, who are experts in their fields, and this is what makes Denfield a great place to work. The promotion came at the right time and was a step in the right direction for me.

Now I wonder: which field will I explore next?