Wednesday, March 01, 2017
by Andy Hawthorne

Not a bunch of <divs>

We're not a bunch of web development divs here at Denfield – yes, we do the simple stuff well, but we also code complex, large-scale apps too. Here's how we make the web work for our clients...

There's two ways to look at web development. First, there are the essential coding tasks. That's where we make sure if we open a <div> we also close it too </div>.

Then there's the development practices that allow us to build comprehensive web apps. Our project lifecycles include iterations that are both flexible and driven by results.

Not just <divs> – we deliver

We focus on delivering excellence through all web development tasks we take on.

That means that part of our team works hard on HTML and CSS stuff to deliver brilliant web content.

It means that part of our team understands user experience (that’s UX for the hipsters), and we design websites that don’t make the end user think.

It also means that we build stuff that covers all the things a good web app should do. And we do it using Laravel and MariaDB or MySQL – if you like knowing that sort of thing.

APIs - yours and ours

We’ll write code that becomes an API. We will write code that talks to your API. And we'll write code that talks to well-known APIs, like Google Analytics for example.

We’ve built stuff for the automotive industry, the art world and many others.

We're also building an app that shows our clients their customer journeys. That includes customer website clicks, phone calls and the resulting sale information. It’s changing the way our clients understand where their sales come from.

Made in Denfield

We're proud to have an ever-growing portfolio of apps made in Denfield.

We're talking:

  • Content management (including dynamic page builders)
  • Online stores
  • Reporting of all types
  • Powerful data feed integrations.
  • ...

We're not shy at working with common industry tools too. We'll sort your WordPress problems, take on your Drupal issues and make X-Cart do its thing.

So, we'll put the divs in the right place. And we'll create a functional, powerful web application for you that looks great too. And it goes without saying that we'll think mobile first in the development process. eDenfield: definitely not just a bunch of divs...