Moday, October 3, 2016
by Cindy Lee

On yer bike! A Cycle Challenge for Myton

Ah, what can I say…? For something that I randomly got myself into, the 50km Myton Hospices Cycle Challenge 2016 turned out to be something of a confidence-boosting challenge to me! It started out a bit like this:

Lynda to Sam: “Have you got a bike for the cycle?”

Sam to Lynda: “No.”

Cindy laughing: “What?! Even I have a bike!”

Lynda: “You should do it too!”

Cindy: “Okay, I’ll do it… (OMG WHAT DID I JUST DO?!)”

Lynda, John, Sam and I are the Fantastic Four from the design team that took part on Sunday 31st July and we spent many months joking about our ‘intense training’ - or lack of it! None of us are avid cyclists and as previously stated, Sam didn’t even have a bike! We all had very different bikes for the cycle, which added to the test of who would fare better: the guys had the sensible and appropriate road bikes, Lynda had a beautiful vintage-style Dawes Duchess and I had the completely wrong mountain bike, which probably didn’t help to make the ride much easier! The majority of our training discussions were about how our poor rears would be able to endure the estimated three-hour ride. Oh the pain!

Even as I turned up on the day outside Myton’s Warwick Hospice, I was still querying whether I could actually survive the whole distance… but we did! We took it steady and followed our fearless leader of the pack (and studio), Lynda. There were so many professional cyclists who were much faster, but that didn’t matter; we stuck together as a team and supported each other throughout the entire 50km. To me that was so endearing and made the experience so much more worth it, especially as we raised over £1,200 having fun!

However, parts of the cycle were NOT fun…the hills…THE HILLS! We had anticipated one vast peak around the 18-mile mark, but nothing prepared me for the horror of seeing it from afar and knowing that I had to pedal up it! What made matters worse was that Myton had organised for a photographer to take photos of the participants as they struggled up the hill!

The cycle route took us through some of Warwickshire’s most beautiful countryside, with picturesque rolling hills, chocolate box villages and leafy lanes. Seeing the quaint pub opposite Charlecote Park was really tempting, and I was absolutely taken aback by the Walton Hall estate – I’m going to make sure that I treat myself to a stay there one day!

I dedicated my Myton Hospices Cycle Challenge to a very special lady, my beloved Mum. There were many times when I thought that I couldn’t cycle that little bit further, but I thought to myself that she fought much harder…

So, who’s up for it next year?