Tuesday, October 25, 2016
by Emily Edgington

#FridayFeeling – Pub Quiz!

On Friday 30th September, it was #FridayFeeling again here at Denfield. As a member of Social Den, I was a little nervous for this month’s event – how were we going to top August’s Denfield Olympics?!

After a few meetings with my fellow Social Den members we decided to have a pub quiz for last month’s #FridayFeeling, and as The Town House pub is one of our favourite places to go for lunch and drinks after work, it seemed like the perfect venue.

We got to work. The email communications went out and the teams were picked; the Denfield Pub Quiz would take place at 1pm at The Town House. Everyone in the office was super excited, myself included!

The day arrived, and at 1pm sharp we all headed to the pub – there was a very competitive atmosphere in the air.

The quiz began with our ‘Guess the baby’ questions. Listed were 12 baby pictures, four of which were Denfield staff, while eight were celebrity babies. The results were simply hilarious; the Kanye West and Beyoncé baby pics resulted in the highest performance. Harry G was also compared to Justin Bieber by a few teams… I think Harry was pretty pleased with that!

We then moved on to the ‘How well do you know Denfield?’ section – of course, the Denfield veterans were feeling super confident while everyone else was left feeling a tad nervous! The questions were written rather tactically, and overall all Denfield staff performed very well.

After plenty more laughs and a few more questions, the answers were marked and the results were in: taking first place by storm was team Winners and Grinners! Tim, Amy M, Amy S and Dan all received a voucher to go back to The Town House for a FREE lunch! Well done guys, and enjoy!