Wednesday, December 14, 2016
by Lisa Bains

How to use social media marketing in style

I would estimate that about 50% of my wardrobe is from ASOS, and when I look into why and how I am so sold by the brand, I see a strong marketing strategy on an array of marketing platforms that makes it almost impossible to avoid a daily scroll down their ‘new in’.

So how have they made such a dedicated customer out of me? ASOS have understood that the best type of marketing focuses on reaching customers wherever they are naturally. I check my social media accounts two or three times daily and that’s right, you guessed it, ASOS are always on my timeline showing me what top I should be wearing with those jeans I bought last week, or what trainers would look amazing for my next workout!

What’s better than blogging?

The main tactical difference that ASOS use in their approach to social media marketing is their strong focus on real life customers and staff actually using the products and showing us how they dress them up – rather than just seeing the dress, I’m seeing how the full outfit should be worn and then buying the full outfit! Not only do I follow the official ASOS account, but I also follow about five different ASOS bloggers who show me that they’re wearing ASOS items every day. To me and to other followers, these bloggers come across as a more trustworthy source than the business itself – of course ASOS are going to shout about their products, but having an external source shout about them has a much bigger impact.

ASOS recently took this advertising method to a whole new level by choosing the best of the bloggers and giving them a page to link through to on the official ASOS website. Here you can find almost a personal stylist for everyone – female, male, curvy, skinny, street, punk… the list goes on! These pages showcase that particular stylist’s favourite items for sale at that time, analysis on new trends, how to wear items and reviews on products, all linking through to their personal social media accounts.

Trending on Twitter

Once I have purchased a product from ASOS the first thing that I want to do is shout about it, and where better to do that than on the popular ASOS customer hashtag #AsSeenOnMe. This hashtag has provided a hub of ASOS customers who can share, discuss, like and see the different trends that people are fashioning and how they are putting their own style on them, while of course ASOS are receiving a load of free promotion. An increase in sales while experiencing a decrease in content investment – why the hell not?!

Interaction and engagement

What is every fashion blogger or even regular customer ultimately wanting when they post a product from a brand? Interaction with that brand of course! I once went on to the ASOS Instagram page to find my picture of me wearing the ASOS boots I had purchased and uploaded the day before. Interaction and engagement is key to social media marketing. Making customers feel like they are a part of the brand and being seen to be interacting with them by potential customers is a great way to attract new people into your business who want to be a part of the conversation!

On top of all of this, social media marketing to this extent for the business provides a valuable database to ASOS about consumer behaviour, the latest trends and what to invest more in. It creates relationships with artistic influencers and provides content and images that ASOS can use for themselves through retweets and reposts!

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