Wednesday, March 22, 2017
by Lucy Taffs

Spring in Advertising

Last week I uploaded a picture to my social media of the first crocuses and irises appearing in my garden with the hashtag #spring. Some might say that’s a reflection of my age as I approach my mid-thirties this month; I actually think it’s a reflection on spring as a season – a season that if it were a person would be described as an optimist, as spring’s glass is definitely always half full.

In contrast, I think the third Monday in January or rather ‘Blue Monday’ is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year and rightly so – the excitement of Christmas is a distant memory, payday is still a whole week away, the nights are still drawn in but without the cosy feel of winter…and yet just around the corner only a month or so later, we get teased with the first signs of spring. The sun begins to shine, daffodils appear, and being a farmer’s daughter I know all too well lambing season starts. There is a sense of excitement that summer is not too far away, the nights begin to get lighter and then come the end of March, the clocks spring forward and we dare to contemplate perhaps lighting the barbecue.

What does this all mean for the advertising industry? It’s quite obvious that spring presents an opportunity for advertisers to play on the feel-good vibe the season gives us – for me, spring means brightening up my wardrobe with new colourful tops, kicking off my winter ankle boots and replacing them with a wedge or heel, making me a fashion marketer’s dream. It means getting outdoors and making trips to the garden centre to stock-up on pansies, hyacinths, azaleas and any other plants that will inject some instant colour into my garden.

It’s a time for airliners and holiday companies to push their city breaks and summer holiday destinations and a time for the automotive industry to push out tactical messages about the car you could be driving this summertime. Spring makes me want to spend my money on items to match the mood this feel-good season gives me, it’s a time for advertisers to push out their feel-good tactical campaigns – I know I’m far more receptive when I’ve got a spring in my step. Get in touch with the team at Denfield to kick-start your spring campaign.