Thursday, September 29, 2016
by Denfield

Summer in advertising

The summer sun is an inspiration for many, and that doesn’t change in the advertising game, when some of the most vibrant, fresh and creative campaigns of the year are produced. Plenty of colour, cheeky taglines and sandy beaches galore fill billboards and emails across the country, as the days get longer and the sun makes a more regular appearance. And if the weather hasn’t got you convinced it’s really summer, here are some trends to look out for that will set you straight:

Brighter colours

As the sun shines, colours appear brighter and more energetic, so it makes sense for summer campaigns to mirror this. That’s why they tend to favour more primary colours, mixed with hot pinks, peachy oranges and aqua blues, to really evoke the feeling of sitting by the pool surrounded by bright colours and fun.

Plenty of summer puns

Puns are a great way to get your brand remembered all year round, but the warm weather certainly brings a rise in the use of puns to create a more relaxed feel to adverts, evoking an atmosphere of lazy beaches and BBQs, full of fun and laughter.

Picture-perfect postcards

Picture competitions have always been a popular way to get customers involved, and the rise of social media campaigns have made them a regular sight on our newsfeeds. Summer holidays, however, provide plenty of perfect photo opportunities in exotic locations. The excitement everyone feels about going on holiday will give your campaign an immediate kick, and you’ll get stunning artwork filling your feed.

These are just a few of the trends that appear during the summer months, and every year sees unique and dynamic new ways that are used. Why not see if you can spot these trends as you are out and about soaking up the last rays of sun before October? Or have a go at spotting a few new trends yourself!