Wednesday, April 18, 2018
by Kayleigh McFarlane

The rise of social recruitment

Recruitment is a fundamental part of any organisation – you need the right staff to help your business thrive and grow, as without them you may struggle to reach the next level. Finding the next shining star to join your organisation is a time-consuming process, from sifting through CVs to conducting first, second and even third interviews – it’s clear to see why it’s a full-time role for many.

If you’re anything like us then recruitment agencies play a significant and extremely helpful part in helping you hire your next team member. They take the stress away from looking for candidates and by the time they make it to your door for an interview, they’ve already been vetted so you can be confident that they have the right experience to meet your needs – and of course, not having to look through various CVs frees up more time to conduct other important business.

But as times are evolving, so is the way people look for their next role. Social media has asserted itself into near enough every aspect of our lives; this is no exception when it comes to searching for your next career move. Nearly everyone and their best friend is on at least one social media platform these days – with around 31.6 million active Facebook users in the UK alone, it provides a whole new audience for you to utilise.

On Facebook alone, you are able to target individuals based on their job title, location and experience, meaning you are able to whittle down the vast number of users to those who are going to suit your role the best. This works in a very similar way to a recruitment agent, who will work on your behalf to find a candidate that fits your criteria.

Sharing a job advert on Facebook also opens up a role to an entirely new audience. Tagging is a huge part of social media use these days, with all of us prone to tagging in our friends and loved ones when we see something that would be of interest to them. This is no different when it comes to job roles; if you see a role that would suit someone you know, chances are you are going to tag them in the post. These organic recommendations hold more power of persuasion to an individual.

Social recruitment can also act as a form of brand loyalty for an organisation, promoting your company as a desirable employer. By regularly sharing your recruitment activities on your platforms, you’re gaining the potential to encourage possible employees to come to you, rather than you having to search vigorously to find them. This therefore makes the recruitment process even easier as it gives you the ability to create a talent pool of interested candidates to access when you have a vacancy.

Our Social Media Manager, Leanne Villiers, says: “As an agency we are seeing an increasing level of success from our clients using social recruitment rather than going down the traditional recruitment agent avenue. Instead of spending thousands on this method, a simple £50 boost on the right content with the right targeting could have the same result – for a much lower expense! A good balance of traditional and social recruitment is a recipe for success, increasing the chance of finding your ideal candidates.”

If you would like to find out more on the benefits of social recruitment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!