Wednesday, July 19, 2017
by Kelly Duggan

Time for WimbleDen!

With the Pimm’s flowing, the sun shining and strawberries and cream for all, excitement was in the air – WimbleDen had arrived! You’ve guessed it, June’s Friday Feeling was slightly delayed by the Social Den so it could be expertly tied in with the culmination of Wimbledon, England’s iconic tennis Championships.

In addition to the appropriate refreshments, the day included the ultimate challenge – a tennis tournament in the Denfield car park! But how did we squeeze in an entire grass court, complete with a net? Well, we cheated a bit there and made enough space for a rather robust Swingball set, durable enough to withstand some serious smashing and plenty of screaming.

Every competitor started the day with a breakfast bar, a piece of fruit and a cup of tea or coffee to achieve optimal energy levels before WimbleDen kicked off, then with the rules explained to all (including disqualification for overaggressive behaviour), it was time to begin – and we went straight to the knockout stages.

Each match started with a coin toss, with the winner choosing forehand or backhand – and the forehand players had a huge advantage! As the rounds went on, a few thrilling and surprisingly competitive matches were witnessed, including a few shock wins - all complete with grunting - and fortunately no serious injuries were sustained.

A few fierce rivalries were fought, including Sam vs Paul, Debbie vs Lisa and Harveel vs Harvey, but following four gruelling rounds, the final saw Nathan and James go head-to-head in a match heated enough to rival Federer and Čilić. There were some great shots from both players but the dominant player prevailed…to James’ dismay, Nathan was the proud WimbleDen winner and took home a bottle of Wimbledon Edition Lanson Champagne!

Thanks to everyone for making WimbleDen a great day at the office – it was an ace day. But what’s in the pipeline for July’s Friday Feeling? We’ll have to wait and see but surely it can’t top playing Swingball in the car park?!