Wednesday, April 26, 2017
by Denfield

Travel is like knowledge…the more you see, the more you know you haven’t seen

Being a travel addict, I love nothing more than seeing the world, especially through my camera lens. However, as I tick more destinations and adventures off my bucket list, it still continues to grow. In fact, it’s probably bigger now than it was before I went travelling for the first time! But why? Why am I drawn to places that I’ve never been to or cultures I’ve never experienced? Well, that’s simple – advertising.

Advertising in the travel industry is bigger than ever, but the more conventional ways of researching and booking trips have progressed from travel agents and quickly outdated brochures to widely used digital platforms. Social media is a huge influence within the travel industry, offering first-hand insights and experiences with constantly updated imagery and advice, and it’s all easily accessible from all over the world.

For some, travel is a luxury, but it can be as expensive or as economical as you want to make it. Finding out about those little hidden gems, local hangouts and bargain deals is made easy with sites like TripAdvisor and companies like STA Travel, G Adventures and Contiki, all using the power of social media to connect people, places and cultures, along with advertising those cheeky deals and discounted tours. #starttheadventure

With more than 4.1 million followers, Russian photographer Murad Osmann became famous for his #followmeto photos that went viral. Travel bloggers are on the rise with more and more appearing online all the time. Even though they are a form of travel advertisement in themselves, most blogs would not survive on making money through advertising alone. They get paid in a variety of ways from social media managing and consulting to press trips, speaking at conferences and being brand ambassadors; the decision to become a travel blogger is often a lifestyle choice rather than income-based, maybe not rolling in money but most definitely becoming rich in adventure.

For some, the desire to travel nowadays heavily outweighs buying material goods, as after all, ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’. Research has proven that people who spend their money on travelling, experiences and creating memories are happier long-term than materialistic folk who prefer to buy ‘stuff’. Retail therapy may give you an instant hit of happiness, but the view of buying something physical because it will last longer has transformed for many, as creating memories will last a lifetime. When you’ve retired, will you be reminiscing over your travels and crazy adventures with family and friends over the years or the latest iPhone you bought in 2017?

I will admit, even though I see the value in travel, I’m always on the lookout to save money when booking my next adventure, which is why my email inbox and social media threads are often filled with travel companies advertising their latest destination of choice. Usually full of authentic and current imagery, their powerful use of travel photography and personal diaries entices the end user to dream, plan and ultimately book their next adventure.

As we know here at Denfield, the purpose of advertising is ultimately to make a sale, but within the travel industry, it has become much more than that – it’s to explore, discover, escape, learn, educate, connect and experience. Amongst all the forms of advertising you come into contact with each day, you might just see a discounted airfare or last-minute adventure tour at first, but ultimately, it could be the trip that you’re one day telling your grandkids about. #noregrets