Wednesday, November 8, 2017
by Denfield

What does Netflix mean for the future of TV advertising?

It’s an interesting conundrum, to say the least – Netflix’s holy-grail combination of premium video content whenever and wherever you want, all without an advert in sight, has already begun to have a detrimental effect on the very things that made it all possible: adverts. Without the revenue generated from said adverts, the very TV shows that are compiled on Netflix and waiting for your next binge-watching session would not exist. So what will happen now that the ads have disappeared?

Like so many things, it seems the answer for many TV shows lies in getting themselves onto social media. The reason that Netflix, and now its contemporaries like Amazon and Hulu, has been so successful is that they have access to the world of online data that makes social campaigns so popular. And they can use that data to give consumers what they really want. It’s a match made in heaven; website cookies exist to help advertisers give you more relevant content, and Netflix knows exactly what you watch when you watch it, and how much you watch it. Yes, it sounds scary, but it also means that they can give you recommendations you’ll actually like, as well as generate buzz for the latest releases by targeting audiences who are interested, to begin with.

So what can traditional television do to gain back those loyal viewers? Well, while we’re still bombarded with irrelevant adverts that cut into valuable binge-watching time, not a lot. But that’s exactly where Sky are starting to get wise. Together with the Hendy Group, we made history as the first ever people to use the Sky AdSmart platform, which used technology similar to cookies on a website in order to reach an interested audience with relevant content. We used it to direct customers to their local Hendy dealerships, but there are huge possibilities for where this technology could lead.

Would you like to be the next to make use of Sky AdSmart to create an innovative and unique campaign? We’ve got the expert knowledge and creativity to help you make sure your advert resonates with all the right people, so all you need to bring is your passion! We’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.