Friday, August 4th, 2017
by Andy Hawthorne

Why you should consider Denfield for your next developer role

We are seeking the next innovative web developer to join our team - a team that develops award-winning websites for an ever-increasing list of clients. If you are a web developer looking for a fresh challenge, here’s why you should consider joining Denfield.

We want a developer who comes with a determination to innovate and produce the very best code – all the time. That’s because our clients demand it and because it’s what we want for our agency.

You’ll have the autonomy to work solo on projects (we are a team, so there’s always help available), bringing all your skills and experience to it. You’ll also get pushed to try new things and to solve problems like you’ve never done before.

When we get new projects in, or requests for new features on existing projects, we are not a dictatorship. You’ll be encouraged to contribute your own thoughts and ideas and you’ll get the chance to try them in the project itself.

Thinking about the projects we’ve worked on over the past year, each one of them has required us to innovate. That means, you’ll get to try new and emerging web technologies - whatever it takes so that we can achieve the best results for our clients.

What does a day in the life of a Denfield developer look like?

You’ll work on a main project assigned to you. This will be in collaboration with our accounts team and/or our creatives, as well as other developers.

You might also get involved in solving problems on a whole host of other websites or be in on discussions about the best way to build a new feature for an existing project.

For your main project, you’ll be burning your way through sprints. Oh yes, Denfield uses agile development practices with Scrum.

What skills are we looking for?

PHP should be your preferred development language. We use Laravel for most of our bespoke build work, along with Vue.js and jQuery.

The phrase “full stack” gets thrown around a lot these days; we prefer “web developer”. That means your Laravel skills are second to none, along with your ability to push MySQL to the limit.

We’ll assume that HTML and CSS come as part of your skill set as standard.

You’ll be at home using the command line and using Git to work on feature branches and deploying latest updates.

What will you get?

You’ll be well-remunerated at industry rates and you’ll get the usual package for holidays. After completing a three-month probation period, you’ll have the chance to work remotely for at least two days a week.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop us a line now, and we’ll arrange an interview for you.