Wednesday, December 28, 2016
by Denfield

Winter in advertising

You can’t run, you can’t hide: winter is here… and you’d better be prepared!

Winter in advertising presents a whole host of challenges to the marketer, but there’s good news – it’s never a surprise. With cyclical seasons here in the UK, we can prepare for annual patterns and time it all right year after year.

In fact, if you aren’t working on your winter campaigns when the sun’s still shining and ice cream vans are out in force, you’re probably heading for big problems. As with anything, planning is key to success – however, technology developments are changing the way we work every day and there are always exciting new ways to reach your audience effectively.

Social media allows us to reach audiences instantly with messages that are relevant to their current situation, such as the weather. These can even be automated based on users’ own content and, in fact, some weather services will supplement Met Office data with real-time social media trends to make sure they’re correct! It doesn’t stop there though…

We are all familiar with suggested products when shopping online, including seasonal items – but did you know that it’s now possible to tailor your content based on the weather conditions currently being experienced by your audience? If it’s raining in Newcastle, you can push raincoats and umbrellas. A scorcher in Southampton? Not a problem – your website can now automatically only show convertible vehicles for sale!

Weather-based content isn’t just limited to the web either; Sky AdSmart now allows advertisers to serve different TV advert content based on the weather, and billboards have been doing it for years. So, we can use automation to serve relevant content in real time, but what does this take? That’s right, a whole lot of planning!

And a spot of rain of course, but this is Britain.