Andy Hawthorne

Web Development Manager

I’ve been involved in making stuff for the web for 17 years, just over three of which have been at Denfield. I’m responsible for leading the development team in taking client-approved designs for websites from concept to reality, in terms of both form and function.

We work on an eclectic mix of projects, meaning that there’s never a dull moment in the development team. The basic process goes: get to work, drink coffee. Complete some work. Drink more coffee… and work some more!

My typical day involves planning the team’s workflow, ensuring that our main projects are hitting their targets and resolving issues for our clients. I also handle the urgent amends that come in throughout the day. It’s an interesting mix of problem-solving, writing code and designing/developing features from scratch.

I like to run. The further the better. I take part in the kind of events that cover 50 or more miles, so if I’m not at work, I’m probably out for a run. I also like to write; I authored a beginners’ guide to Ruby on Rails and maintain a blog about running for fitness.