Cory Mosey

DevOps Developer

I’m Cory and I’m a web/DevOps developer in the digital team at Denfield.

I might only be 21, but I’ve been coding since I was at school. I have experience in agencies where the projects are fast-paced and also from running my own web development business.

I’m happy to get stuck into any kind of web coding, and I certainly get that opportunity at Denfield. I’ve already been involved in projects that have me working with multiple remote APIs, e-commerce builds and analytics reporting.

My typical day includes working with the development team to solve the problems and challenges that arise in our projects. And I write code, lots of code.

One of the best things about being a web developer at Denfield is the variety of projects; I can find myself working on several different projects in the same day.

Outside work, I’m a typical developer. What I mean by that is, I write more code. It’s great fun trying out new technologies and frameworks. My latest obsession is learning how to develop mobile apps.

If I’m not coding, I love being out on the road in my Ferrari. Well, it’s not a Ferrari, it’s a Vauxhall GTC. One of these days I’ll get my Aston Martin.