Harry Rathod

Web Content Administrator

Hello internet!

My parents called me Harry so I’m stuck with this name and apparently it’s a big faff to get it changed. I work as a Web Content Administrator at Denfield, dealing with the content, coding and design management for clients' websites.

Before working for Denfield, I worked in manual jobs for Sainsbury’s, which was good (more because of the people than the job itself), but I didn’t see myself stacking shelves for a living, even if I can pull off a hairnet and apron.

I really love working for Denfield and being part of the backbone of the team, which is one of the things I need from a job in order to feel fulfilled. From the moment you walk into Denfield, you know that at some point in the day, you’re going to be laughing your head off or smiling for hours, which is very rare.

I’m a huge car, gym and food fanatic. Pray high, aim higher people. Peace and tranquillity.