Harvey Turner

Social Media Executive

The official title of my job role is Social Media Executive, meaning that within my work I can be as creative as I want to be - leading to a whole load of fun! Don’t be fooled into thinking that I have a small workload, because my days here are pretty manic. One day I could be writing up social posts, another I could be pitching in with social campaigns for a client, or I could be thinking up a design brief to give to the studio!

Being an apprentice, this is still education for me! However, before I went down the apprenticeship route, I studied at Southam College Sixth Form. I studied Drama, English Language and Business, Drama being my favourite. This led me to take part in a lot of productions (seven to be exact!) and has firmly cemented my name in Southam College Drama Department’s history.

Other than acting, I am football-crazy. I’m a die-hard Manchester United fan, having supporting them all my life thanks to the careful guidance of my dad. This does mean that my house is either in a good or bad mood (depending on how the team has played)! My passion for the club (plus my constant enforcement) means I am pleased to say that my colleague Leanne is now a Manchester United fan as well.

My other interests in life include playing football, going to the gym, chilling with my mates and spending time with my family. Oh, and I’m always good for a night out on the town!