Leanne Villiers

Social Media Manager

Hey, I’m Leanne and I’m the Social Media Manager at Denfield. My job is to manage the social media team in writing, developing and managing creative social media campaigns for our clients’ accounts in order to drive engagement, interaction and brand awareness for their companies.

I graduated from university in Acting, where I also quickly learnt the art of stage combat - so you could say that I’m skilled with a sword! Don’t be scared though, I’m harmless.

Whilst building my own social media platforms, I quickly knew that not only did I love social media but I also realised its power and how important it is for companies to build their brand online.

I took a step back from ‘being on stage’ when I graduated and started to build a career for myself in advertising. Having managed the operations side of Rolex adverts on BBC World News and digital adverts on to name but a couple, I quickly realised that my creative yet neat and tidy mind worked well in the area of advertising and marketing.

One thing that I pride myself on is not only working in the here and now, but also looking at ways we can improve the way in which we work so that our clients can get the most out of their social media.

When I’m not liking, commenting and posting, you’ll most likely find me shopping or buying make-up – yes, more!