Lynda Roberts

Studio Manager & Creative

I joined Denfield in 2007 following a move from Swansea, where I completed a degree in Illustration and enjoyed a year-long stint as a member of the design studio at the South Wales Evening Post.

I started out as a Junior Designer and I’ve worked my way to where I am now. In my role as Studio Manager, I keep the studio running smoothly (most of the time) organising the diary time, booking in work, making sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be, and generally doing the behind-the-scenes bits and bobs to keep us up-to-date with the latest corporate guidelines, regulations and so on! The rest of the time I’m a Creative, working on anything and everything that comes my way.

Working on such a wide variety of projects is what makes being at Denfield so enjoyable, as well as collaborating with such a lovely bunch of people! Whilst I started out primarily in print, the shift within the design sector to digital has had a positive effect on the agency; the work is more varied, the possibilities are endless and it keeps us learning new things all the time!

I think everyone at Denfield knows I’m a keen cook at home, and I’ve got a willing bunch of taste-testers in the office, especially when it comes to baked treats! I think that, careerwise, if I’d not gone down the design route, I would’ve liked to work in food!

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