Matthew Dixon

Senior Web Developer

Hello, I’m Matt and I’m a Web Developer here at Denfield. I work on all sorts of projects and on various different areas within them, alongside a fantastic team of developers who always make sure that we get the job done as efficiently as possible.

I’ve been studying Web Development at Loughborough University which is great fun, however, nothing will ever beat the family feel you get from working at Denfield, so I would much rather be here!

I tend to focus on the code side of things, such as building Content Management Systems – the sort of stuff that allows a website’s content to change and sit inside the design. I sometimes do design work; it’s not my personal preference, but I still enjoy it nonetheless.

The main reason I prefer the code side of things is because I thoroughly enjoy problem solving and making things work. My typical day is basically building any projects I’ve been briefed on and pushing them live as soon as they’re ready. I also work on any amends that come through from the various clients we have.

I am a big fan of various sports, but have to admit I love football; I enjoy watching Liverpool Football Club on the television and going to games at Coventry City. I also enjoy playing for a local football team, which makes my weekends a little more exciting.