Mike Hillard

Senior Account Manager

I’m the designated “foreigner” here at Denfield hailing from the Welsh valleys, where the daffodils grow wild and the hills really are alive with the sound of music.

I’m a Senior Account Manager working with a few different clients, covering a multitude of projects including press advertising, the development and execution of integrated campaigns to organising events.

A typical day for me begins with getting Nathan to make a cup of coffee. But on a serious note the day begins with delegating out tasks across the team and ensuring the studio has our briefs in the trays ready for the day ahead. The rest of the day is spent thinking, discussing, talking and executing all forms of marketing activities.

Away from the office, I eat, drink, and sleep football. Always planning my next trip away with Wales or taking in a game on the continent from Dortmund to Madrid, and I still have my eye on The Superclassico in Buenos Aires…one day!