Ritchie Casabuena

Web Developer

I’m a web developer so my role at Denfield is to develop and implement the specifications that our clients have asked for in their web projects, and go further whenever we can.

As I always take great efforts to make my next project better than the last, it’s tricky to pick a particular project that I’m most proud of. Saying this, I’m really proud to be involved in the Whitewall Galleries projects. I get to code and look at images of the finest contemporary artwork from around the world!

As a web developer, no day is the same. I’m always presented with new problems to solve, usually of connecting web technologies together. I could be working on designing something new or fixing bugs with my head buried in code all day long.

In my spare time I enjoy opera. I cry like a baby every time I watch Puccini’s Madame Butterfly!