Sam Eldred


Although my background was in fine art during school, I went on to study Visual Communication at university and then spent a year in the big old city of London, gaining invaluable experience on placements in various graphic design studios. Now I make up part of the design team in the Denfield studio; seeing as they’re such a great squad of people I haven’t looked back since!

I love everything about design, which is great for life here as my typical day sees me working on a wide variety of creativeness; be it designing quick turnover press adverts to fine-tuning print and web briefs, and even artworking projects so they are just right before being released to the outside world. This means I’m lucky enough to work on all stages of the design process, making getting up in the mornings that little bit easier (after several snoozes).

Although I’m not from Manchester I’m a big United fan (definitely not a glory supporter though), and I’m pretty impossible to beat at pool or table tennis! I’ve also recently really got into cycling, so when I’m not designing I’ll be out on the country roads or socialising with mates, or if I’m feeling too lazy for either of those I’ll be bingeing on Netflix.

Surprising fact…I earned black belt status in Tae Kwon Do when I was aged 10; however present-day me would easily get beaten by my 10-year-old self.