Three marketing trends for 2018

27 December 2017 Jagdeep Bhoghal

It’s coming to the end of 2017 (where did the last 12 months go?!), so we thought we’d round off the year with our thoughts about big trends to look out for in 2018 within the marketing industry...

Which Christmas ad is top of the charts?

13 December 2017 Kelly Duggan

Christmas is the busiest time of the year when it comes to advertising, with millions of people generously buying gifts for friends and family, and the eagerly-anticipated Christmas adverts...

Why you need to be on Google!

29 November 2017 Kayleigh McFarlane

Google has become the hub of everything these days – we use it to find the ideal birthday presents for friends and family, research our dream cars, find out the weather...


13 September 2017 Denfield

It might not seem very glamorous, but one of the most important jobs in an advertising agency is proofreading; that’s because error-free text is vital to advertising, and one false step could lead to distrust of your brand in a heartbeat...

Mexican madness to see off the summer in style

6 September 2017 Harvey Turner

A year on from my first ever Friday Feeling, I was given the pleasure of planning take two of the very much anticipated Denfield ‘Party in the Car Park’ as a big fat summer Friday Feeling! As part of the Social Den team, I hoped that this year’s Mexican theme was going to be a huge hit...


30 August 2017 Denfield

There’s an old adage that goes, 'If you spoke to people the way advertising speaks to people, they’d punch you in the face.' While this may be a little extreme...


16 August 2017 James Booth

Studies show that marketeers using personalisation to make their campaigns more relevant are not only getting a higher engagement rate, but are also generating far more sales from their campaigns...

Five ways to spark your creativity

26 July 2017 Denfield

No matter what you do, creativity informs everything we come into contact with on a daily basis, which is why we value and encourage it so much at Denfield.

Time for WimbleDen!

19 July 2017 KELLY DUGGAN

With the Pimm’s flowing, the sun shining and strawberries and cream for all, excitement was in the air – WimbleDen had arrived!

Cat-vertising? It’s paw-sitively claw-some....


As a self-confessed ‘cat lady’ who can’t walk down the street without blowing kisses to a fluffy moggy blinking dozily in a window or stopping to tickle a cuddly cat en route to work, I have a one-track mind for all things feline...

Do you believe in magic?

6th April 2017 Denfield

At Denfield, we love to keep up-to-date with other creative industries, and last month’s Friday Feeling presented the perfect opportunity...

Spring in Advertising

22nd March 2017 LUCY TAFFS

Last week I uploaded a picture to my social media of the first crocuses and irises appearing in my garden with the hashtag #spring. Some might say that’s a reflection of my age as I approach my mid-thirties this month; I actually think it’s a reflection on spring as a season...

National Apprentice Week

10th March 2017 HARVEY TURNER

I like the atmosphere at Denfield – the feeling of being part of the team and surrounded by a group of awesome individuals, plus having the freedom to challenge anything knowing it won’t be taken the wrong way. Friday Feeling is wicked too!

Not a bunch of <divs>

1st March 2017 ANDY HAWTHORNE

We are not a bunch of web development divs here at Denfield – yes, we do the simple stuff well, but we also code complex, large-scale apps too. Here's how we make the web work for our clients…

Call me unromantic...

7th February 2017 AMY SHILSTONE

...but every year that passes I see Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love and romance, get more and more commercialised...

A glimpse behind the camera…

2nd February 2017 DENFIELD

As our digital media world continues to grow, so do people’s expectations. An audience needs to feel engaged and be fed new content regularly...

Autumn in advertising

21 November 2016 Denfield

It’s that time of year again; the days are a little shorter and the jumper moves to the front of your wardrobe...

Summer in advertising

29 September 2016 Denfield

The summer sun is an inspiration for many, and that doesn’t change in the advertising game, where some of the most vibrant,...

Which car brand rules at April fools?

08 April 2016 Denfield

We all love a good joke and April Fools’ Day is the perfect opportunity for brands to wind up their social media followers and play a trick or two, all in the name of hilarity.

Picture Perfect

08 July 2015 Denfield

How women are portrayed, not just in advertising, but in the media as a whole, is a somewhat controversial topic...

Smartphones, smart photos?

04 June 2015 Denfield

The differences between photos taken on a smartphone and those taken on regular digital cameras have become far less visible...


01 June 2015 Denfield

We are the proud winners of an award in the Mobile Optimised/Responsive Website category...

Art of the Post-GIF.

02 Feb 2015 Dan Sharp

You know what your website needs? A super-cool-wicked animated flame and an insane-awesome spinning metallic logo. More specifically, you need a GIF!

Musing from a busy brain.

13 Jan 2015 Denfield

A right div! If you've seen the TV show Red Dwarf you'll understand the term and that’s exactly how I sometimes feel when I'm learning what I call the 'dark window’...

Holiday season all year round!

15 Dec 2014 Guy Barlow

It’s mid to late December and all is calm…

Not if you work in a fast paced, full service marketing agency dedicated to making sure your clients...

Needs must.

08 Dec 2014 Denfield

One of the main reasons I love working at Denfield is because we see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ own team.