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Chester Zoo

Did you know that Chester Zoo has over 35,000 animals, from an aardvark to a chimpanzee, a cheetah to a giant anteater, and the tallest giraffe to the tiniest golden mantella frog? But it’s much more than a tourist attraction, it’s much more than a zoo – it’s an organisation that is actively preserving and influencing the future of the world that we know today.


As part of the North of England Zoological Society (NEZS), Chester Zoo invests more than £20 million in conservation and education activities each year. They also train 297 conservationists and welcome over 1.6 million visitors to the zoo. Overseas, they were responsible for 139 international breeding programmes in 2021 too. What’s more, they have in excess of 2,500 different plant species.

Our brief was to create an annual report that highlighted these and even more important numbers with an instant visual appeal making people want to read from cover to cover. 2022 was our first year working for Chester Zoo, where our partnership earned multiple awards. 2023 yielded even more gold, as we defended our Best Cover award and added Best Printed Report. Look out for 2024’s report!

On the surface, animals might be seen as the key focus when reporting on or promoting a zoo. Chester Zoo looks at it differently, putting people at the heart of their focus results in positive influences to the future existence of animals, plant life and the world we live in today. This is reflected in both reports, with each section having its own organic feel – supporting the diversity of the zoo team and the animals and plant life they are trying to preserve.

The Outcome?

Two beautiful, award-winning coffee-table-style books – printed and delivered to investors, stakeholders and members.

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